Brief introduction of essential oil extraction equipment and solvent extraction method

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Compared with distillation and extrusion, this method of extraction is relatively expensive because of the complex process and the lower yield of the extracted essential oil. Solvent extraction method (essential oil extraction equipment) is mostly used for the extraction of delicate and fragile plant petals or resins that do not like heat sources.

First, the volatile and non-volatile essential components of the crushed plants are extracted with a solvent of carbohydrates such as petroleum or benzene; then the extracted mixture is filtered again with a solvent, and after the solvent is volatilized, a compound containing The semi-solid waxy substance of alcohol component; finally, the essential oil is selectively extracted from the waxy substance with alcohol to obtain high-quality, high-concentration plant essential oil. Therefore, the same plant parts, the essential oils obtained by solvent extraction will have different components, and of course their prices will also be different.

The flowers, petals, flower buds and other parts of plants are extracted by solvent extraction, and the extracted product is called "Concrete". If the natural secretions of plants, such as gums, resins or tree pastes, are extracted, the product is called "resinoid". After the product "resin" or "grease" is extracted again with alcohol or alcohol, the second-stage product obtained is called oil (Absolute). Finally, the oil in the balsam is washed away with volatile pure alcohol to obtain a delicate and expensive oil.

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