Yingkou Juheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Yingkou Juheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yingkou Small and Medium Enterprise Pioneer Park. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of complete sets of plant extraction equipment. It mainly produces and installs equipment and projects such as vegetable oil, vegetable protein, natural pigment, environmental protection, food and pharmaceuticals, and is a professional company integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing and installation. The company has strong technical force, supporting automatic CNC cutting machine, CNC bending machine, automatic electric welding machine, sandblasting and rust removal machine and high-performance machining and manufacturing equipment. Multiple Progress Awards.

The company has standardized management and sound systems, adhering to the core corporate culture concept of "people and enterprises develop together", relying on advanced technology, scientific and efficient innovation management system and strong manufacturing capabilities, creating excellent product quality and providing customers with a complete set of processes Technology and equipment solutions have become a leading company in the industry, and products are exported to Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Russia and other countries and regions.

Yingkou Juheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. developed and produced natural capsicum red, lutein, water-soluble pigment, dephenolic gossyptin, stevioside and traditional Chinese medicine extraction and other complete sets of equipment and environmental protection dust removal equipment, which has greatly improved the production capacity of application enterprises. The production cost has been greatly reduced and the production environment has been improved. Among them, the "capsanthin extraction equipment" has reached the international leading level, the "integrated innovative technology of cottonseed processing equipment" is at the international advanced level, and the "natural water-soluble pigment extraction equipment" has reached the international advanced level. domestic leading level.

The company pays attention to the road of cooperation in production, learning and research, establishes contacts with many universities and research institutes such as Ocean University of China, Dalian University of Technology, Henan University of Technology, conducts information and technical exchanges, and continues to obtain new technological progress and innovation, Ranked in the forefront of the industry.。

Yingkou Juheng Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is willing to "share development achievements and jointly promote the development of the industry" with peers from all walks of life!