Brief description of essential oil extraction equipment

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Essential Oil Extraction Equipment, Fresh Rose Steps/Methods


Soak roses with 15% salt forever, on the one hand, the roses will not rot and deteriorate, and on the other hand, the oil in the flowers can be diffused.


Immerse 30kg of rhyme roses in salt water and 60kg of salt water into a distillation bottle for atmospheric distillation. The temperature of the kettle is controlled at 105 to 106 degrees; the temperature of the condensed distillate is 28 to 36 degrees. Distillation can be stopped when the distillate has no fragrance or drops of condensate on the glass plate and no oil droplets appear.

Oil-water separation

After the distillate flows through the oil-water separator, the water-insoluble part of the rose is concentrated on the upper part of the separator, and is taken out with a net spoon after one day and night, and collected in a ground glass bottle; it is left for centralized refining.


The distillate from the separator is adsorbed through three series-connected adsorption columns filled with activated carbon. After the activated carbon absorbs the essential oil and is saturated, remove the column and leave the activated carbon collector in the airtight glass container for extraction: move the adsorption column forward, and place the adsorption column containing the fresh activated carbon in the third position.


The activated carbon is leached with an organic solvent. Soak for 4 to 6 h each time, and then for 2 h each time, a total of 12 times. After the oil in the activated carbon is leached, the organic solvent in it is distilled out, which can be recycled. Rough distillation adopts the distillation method of flammable solvent to distill the immersion wave, and the temperature of the water bath is controlled below 60 degrees.

azeotropic distillation under reduced pressure

Free ethanol was added, and the crude distillation residue was subjected to azeotropic distillation under reduced pressure. The vacuum degree is 99.3kPa; the temperature of the water bath is ≤60 degrees. After the distillation is completed, the product is refined to be rose essential oil.


Compared with ordinary distillation and leaching methods, the native oil extraction rate of essential oil extraction equipment is higher.

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